D & d 3.5 epische spell-slots

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Feb 23, 2012 Oct 22, 2014 Epic magic, also known as true dweomers1 or high-level magic, was magic of incredible power. Usually associated with ancient magical kingdoms like Netheril, but became severly restricted in Mystra's Ban after Karsus's Folly in the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR, items and places of epic magic could still be found by the 14th century DR.23note 1 1 History 2 Known Epic Spells 2.1 … Feb 26, 2019 This spell creates a stable gateway to the primal depths of the elemental plane of fire, containing an orb 2 feet across of intense fire and heat.The orb can be moved telepathically by the caster at a maximum rate of 100 ft. per round, requiring a free action worth of effort. The miniature sun creates powerful light that brightly illuminates everything within a 1,000 ft. area, and provides

A spellcaster who can cast epic spells has a number of open epic spell slots per day equal to one-tenth his or her ranks in the Knowledge skill appropriate to the spell and the caster's class. Knowledge (arcana) is appropriate for arcane casters, and Knowledge (religion) or Knowledge (nature) is appropriate for divine casters.

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